The Daily Squeeze: Katy Perry To Kiss Lindsay Lohan At The VMAs?

  • MVT VMA producers are working really hard to get Lindsay Lohan to kiss Katy Perry during the awards show, which might make Sam Ronson jealous but still wouldn’t compare to the Madonna-Britney smooch. [E!]
  • Like cake? A 9-inch square slice from Princess Diana’s wedding (which was 27 years ago) is up for auction. []
  • A woman who was visiting Venice’s Ca’ Rezzonico museum was asked to leave because she was cover her face with a veil. The museum later apologized and says she is welcome to visit any time she likes. [Reuters]
  • Sadly, Sean Connery’s autobiography, Being A Scot doesn’t reveal any juicy details about the actor’s life, but it does say he was once an art college model — nude, we hope. [Reuters]