Project Runway: Keith Whines His Way Home

Looks We Hated: Joe’s ugly motorcross look; Keith’s bland, ill-fitting, snooze-fest; Stella’s mismatched separates, shockingly devoid of leath-uh.

Last night’s episode of Project Runway featured the much anticipated return of an actually complicated and innovative challenge. The producers may have thought the drag queen episode was a doozy but dressing a bunch of dudes in pleather and feathers is not that mind-bending. On last night’s episode, however, the designers were hauled off to a car warehouse where they were able to pillage Saturn’s warehouses for car parts to use as materials for their next design. This was definitely an opportunity for some of the designers who think they’re super innovative — ahem, Keith, ahem — to finally prove it with something other than swatches of fringe. Not-so-sadly or surprisingly, Keith couldn’t pull it off. And while his was hardly the only piece of crap to walk down the runway, we were pleasantly surprised by many of the designers’ creations. You heard it here first: Leanne is totally the dark horse who is going to win the whole she-bang. Her garment last night impressed even guest judge Rachel Zoe, who once dared to call herself more influential than Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

Looks We Loved: Korto’s insanely chic woven seatbelt coat dress; Terri’s perfectly fitted seatbelt and car seat pants and top; Leanne’s winning dress, made from carseat frames and seatbelts, could have walked straight off the runway in Paris.

Many of the designers opted to make use of the many seatbelts up for grabs in the feeding frenzy at the warehouse, some with stupendous results — like Leanne, who used the seatbelts as an accent so sophisticated they were almost unrecognizable — and others that were a little lacking. We liked where Blayne was going with his seatbelt dress, but the fit up top was a side boob disaster waiting to happen and the length and yards of loose seatbelt fringe were totally fugs. Korto, one of our favorites this season, also used the seatbelts to make an entire woven coat dress that was so chic, I would have seriously fought Zoe to the ground to own it myself. And while she wasn’t in the top three (Jerrell joined Leanne and Korto), I thought Terri’s impeccably fitted pair of biker pants — made from seatbelts and the car seat leather — were so sexy.

Other designers were extremely innovative with their materials, but with less success in the wearability department. Kenley’s air vent filter dress was super cool, but how in the heck would you have been able to sit in it without crumpling the skirt to death? Suede stole a page from Keith’s Guide To Designing With Nothing But Swatch Fringe but added a space twist, while Stella’s mismatched separates were just plain boring. But again, Stella slipped through to the next round because someone else — Keith — screwed up more than she did. Keith didn’t help his situation by whining about the judges “insulting” his work. Everyone knows Michael Kors gets to be the only bitch in that room. [All Photos:]