The Five: Essentials In Our Closet

Project Runway’s Nina Garcia has this new book out called The One Hundred. In it, she shares all of the items she thinks fashionable women should own. Well, we got to thinking about some of the items in our lives that are indispensable even though they’re a little more random than LBDs, pearl necklaces, or jean jackets. Here are five things that have made a difference in our style lives — share yours in the comments.

Textured Tights These are not an “investment piece,” per se. They cost less than $10 and will only last a couple wears, but your legs will look awfully fancy in them. [Photo:]

Charm Bracelet Sure, you can one pre-made from Tiffany, but the whole point of this kind of bracelet is to pick up baubles throughout your journey, aka life, to help you remember that one time you rode a donkey down the Grand Canyon. Charm bracelets are like inside jokes with yourself. [Photo:]

Purple Heels Yes, it’s probably a good idea to own a basic pair of black heels, but these purple ones don’t match anything you own, which means you are allowed to wear them with absolutely everything in your closet. [Photo:]

Signature Necklace Step 1: Pick a necklace, any necklace (preferably something small and simple). Step 2: Wear it all the time. Step 3: Become known for said necklace. [Photo:]

Costume Brooch Mad Men’s Joan Holloway and Michelle Obama know that all you have to do is stick one of these suckers on your dress of the day, and you’re suddenly a style icon. [Photo:]