5 Reasons We Love…Margaret Cho

In honor of the recent premiere of Margaret Cho’s hysterical new show, “The Cho Show”, (quite a mouthful right there!) we’ve decided to compile a little list of why we love this comedian. And check out a clip from her show, after the jump.

1. Cho started performing stand-up at age 16 and shortly after was chosen to open for Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry frickin’ Seinfeld.
2. No one will ever imitate their parents with as much accuracy and hilarity.
3. She’s got a bad ass array of colorful body art.
4. Her guest star spot as Lynn, producer of the real New York fashion show, on Sex and the City was a hilarious turn that cracked us up. “You’re f–king doing my show if I have to hunt you down, skin you alive, and have one of the other models wear you.”
5. She’s got more awards on her mantle piece than we’d know what to do with! They include: Best Comedy Performance award at the 2007 Asian Excellence Awards, The First Amendment Award from the ACLU of Southern California and, The Intrepid Award from the National Organization for Women. She has also been honored by GLAAD, American Women in Radio and Television, the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and PFLAG for “making a significant difference in promoting equal rights for all, regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity.”