Michelle Obama At The DNC: What Are Your Hopes For Your Daughters?

Last night Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention and gave what I found to be an extremely inspiring speech — I especially appreciated that she didn’t seem to be overly rehearsed and even occasionally stumbled over her words. I’m not down with my politicians or my politicians spouses seeming like robotic newscasters. Anyway, the bulk of Michelle’s speech was about being a wife and mother and her hopes for the country — at the end she brought out daughters Malia and Sascha, who behaved as adorably as you would expect. Politics aside, Michelle’s speech got me thinking about what it means to be a successful professional, partner, and parent, especially when she referenced “Hillary Clinton’s 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling.” it was clear she did appreciate what her husband’s rival did for women, especially given what her hopes must be for her own daughters. With that in mind — and that today marks the 88th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote — what are your hopes for your children, specifically your daughters? A few of mine after the jump and I really hope you’ll chime in with your own in the comments. 1. That there will be a female and a minority president/presidents within her lifetime.
2. That she won’t turn 15 and decide she hates my guts.
3. That she’ll have a passion in life that fulfills her more than money ever could.
4. That she’ll find love with a man or a woman.
5. That she’ll own a dog.
6. That she won’t admire people like Paris Hilton — and that people like Paris Hilton won’t be admired by anyone.
7. That she won’t get my horrendous acne gene.
8. That she’ll have the opportunity to travel and see the world.
9. That violence against women will be something she reads about in history books but won’t ever be experienced by her or any other woman or girl of her generation.
10. That if she’s going to put me in a nursing home, that it’ll be an awesome one, like in In Her Shoes where the old people play bocce ball.