Fall’s Must-Watch TV Shows

The fall television season is rapidly approaching–premieres kick-off next Tuesday, just in time to recover from the holiday weekend. Yesterday, we reminded you of last season’s cliffhangers, so today we’ve compiled a list of new shows that will tickle your fancy and some you should just skip all together. Must-Watch

  • 90210 premieres on Sept. 2. This show has been hyped up quite a bit, but we’re still really excited about it. Even if it’s half as good as the original, we’ll be glued to our sets or monitors to see how privileged teens on the other coast live. [The CW]
  • Privileged premieres on Sept. 9. Megan Smith is a writer who wants to cover celebrities, but takes a job as a tutor to teenage girls known as “The Evil Baker Twins,” whose grandmother promises to pay Megan’s student loans if her granddaughters get accepted to Duke University. The catch is the twins are filthy rich and spoiled rotten, so they have other things more important to do than study. [The CW]
  • In Harm’s Way premieres on Sept. 21. Individuals risk their lives in a multitude of life-threatening jobs that benefit society. This show basically puts together all those shows like, Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch, into one neat little package, but has the feel-good factor of sacrifice for the good of society. [The CW]
  • True Blood premieres on Sept. 7. Vampires have been integrated into society thanks to a Japanese scientist’s invention of synthetic blood, but in the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, humans are still weary. Waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can read people’s thoughts, is open-minded about vampires, particularly 173-year-old Bill Compton, whose mysterious arrival fascinates her. Let’s hope HBO doesn’t let us down like they did with Carnivale and Rome. [HBO]
  • Crusoe premieres on Oct. 17. This adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s Crusoe combines the fast-paced network TV with the original classic story. It explores the challenges facing Robinson Crusoe and his friend Friday as they use only their wits to survive on a deserted island. Crusoe’s ultimate goal is to be reunited with his family. We love an accurate period piece! [NBC]
  • Kath & Kim premieres on Oct. 9. NBC brings Australia’s No. 1 show to the U.S., but with American favorites Molly Shannon and Selma Blair starring as mother and daughter, respectively. Kim moves back in with her mom after realizing she doesn’t enjoy marriage because she’s not a trophy wife–she actually has to do housework–which puts a damper on her mom’s new life of fun and exploration. [NBC]
  • Fringe premieres on Sept. 9. J.J. Abrams brings us another heavy-hitter. This time, FBI agents are called in to investigate the grisly deaths of the passengers and crew of an international flight. One agent seeks the help of “our generations Einstein,” but he’s been institutionalized for the last 20 years, and the only way to question him is with the help of his estranged son, played by Dawson’s Creek’s Joshua Jackson. This show promises to blur the lines between sci-fi and reality. [FOX]
  • The Rachel Zoe Project premieres on Sept. 9. Catherine already told us why this show is going to be totally awesome. [Bravo]
  • Stylista premieres Oct. 22. This show is the real The Devil Wears Prada. Eleven fashion enthusiasts compete for an editorial position at Elle magazine. They work as assistants to Elle’s Fashion News Director Anne Slowey. Each episode the contestants will carry out an assistant task and a fashion editorial assignment. We’ll be watching this because we like to torture ourselves by watching shows that make light of real journalism/editorial experience. [The CW]
  • The Ex List premieres Fall 2008. A psychic tells Bella Bloom that she has already dated her future husband and if she doesn’t find him in the next year, she’ll remain alone forever. Elizabeth Resser as Bella is kind of whiny, but Anne Bedian plays a chic and matter-of-fact clairvoyant. [CBS]
  • Pass Up

  • Surviving Suburbia premieres Nov. 2. On the surface, they look like the perfect suburban family, but would you guess they actually have real problems? We’ve heard this premise before and have actually lived some of it. No thanks. [The CW]
  • Valentine premieres Sept. 21. A family of Greek gods living in the Hollywood Hills tries to convince humankind to believe in true love again. [The CW]
  • My Own Worst Enemy premieres Oct. 13. Christian Slater stars as a man with two personalities (I think. Go to the website and you’ll see what I mean.) that are in conflict, so he can’t trust himself. [NBC]
  • The Mentalist premieres Fall 2008. A detective and independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation has the remarkable ability to solve crimes using…ta-da…observation. We observe that this and the CBS’s Numb3rs should disappear. [CBS]