The Daily Squeeze: Stolen Condoms, William Shatner, Booties, And Stolen Goods

  • A man who really needed some condoms rammed his SUV into a convenient store’s front door and stole two packs of Trojans. Police found him soon after hiding in some bushes. Ha. []
  • An injury from a one-night stand meant that William Shatner played Christopher Plummer’s part in Henry V, making William a bigtime star. “I woke up alone the next morning… (pain) all around my groin and lower abdomen… I started to whimper like a whipped dog. ‘So this is what syphilis is like?’ I thought.” In fact, he had dislodged a kidney stone. [WENN]
  • Which body part is the most sung about across all music genres? The booty. [Tango]
  • A married man in the Philippines admitted to stealing nine pairs of underwear, a cell phone, charger, and contact lenses from a young woman. [AHN]