Happy Kiss & Make Up Day!

Today is Kiss & Make Up Day — are you fighting with someone and want to take this opportunity to mend things? I am, but I have tried to mend it, to no avail. Perhaps the person who’s refused my attempts to make peace will consider this another invitation. And after the jump, some celebrity couples we’d like to see kiss and make up — Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams got there before we could!1. Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman In all honesty, who else will be able to stand being with either of them?
2. Lauryn Hill & Wyclef Jean If only because a reunion between these two would mean Lauryn wasn’t nutty anymore and maybe, just maybe, she’d release her long-lost follow-up to The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.
3. Chris Robinson & Kate Hudson Frankly, the only reason I want these two to rediscover their hippie love is because I am sick of Kate’s face being plastered all over my gossip mags with a new guy ever week. She’s polluting the celebrity gene pool.
4. Drew Barrymore & Fabrizio Moretti As much as Drew would like to think she’s this mature business woman now, girlfriend has the heart of a 22-year old. That’s why she should have stuck with her younger man.
5. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee By the time this goes live, these two could be back on, for the ten millionth time. Pam recently said that the two of them will always be madly in love — so why can’t they just handcuff themselves together and refuse to give up?
6. Liv Tyler & Joaquin Phoenix You thought I was going to say Liv should get back together with her husband, Royston Langdon, huh? Sorry, I’m looking for Liv and Joaquin to do Inventing The Abbotts Part 2.
7. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake At least they’re making amends professionally. Rumor has it, the former pop prince and princess are going to record a duet. I can only pray for a heat-filled video that sends Jessica Biel heading for the hills.
8. Madonna & Sean Penn Let’s face it, renewed vows or not, Madge and Guy Richie have hit a rough patch. But remember how much more FUN Madonna was when she was with bad boy Sean Penn?
9. Johnny Depp & Kate Moss Yeah, yeah, we have a thing for Johnny’s long-term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. But we also miss the days when he used to trash hotel rooms with the waifish supermodel, who clearly hasn’t changed a bit since their debaucherous love affair.
10. Erykah Badu & Andre-3000 Didja forget they were even together? The unique and cool duo spawned son Seven and Erykah penned a number of her songs (including the jealousy anthem “My Eyes Are Green”) about her now-ex. They were the King and Queen of off-the-wall R&B/Hip-Hop and we miss the potential for a duet.