Crave: Updated Clue Board Game

We loved playing Hasbro’s Clue game when we actually had time to play board games, so we’re very excited about the updated version with a modern twist. The murder happens during a soiree at a millionaire mogul’s mansion and you have to determine which guest killed the host. Some weapons have changed — the revolver has been replaced by the more up close and personal barbell. Gone is the old school billiards room for the more luxurious spa. There’s also a new feature called the Intrigue Cards, which add suspense to the game because they can either help you solve the murder faster or result in a second victim. The tabloid-style instructions explain all the weapons, guests and rooms changes, and even the box looks sexier. See if you can figure out which rumors are true and which are hearsay to solve the crime of the century. [$15.99, Hasbro]