12 Reasons We Can’t Wait To Be Over 50

The big 4-0 maybe the new 30, but 50 and up are the new twentysomething! From their way with men to their media coverage, the only hot flashes these ladies suffer from are from the paparazzi! Just check out these celeb sex symbols:

Cher This fierce fashionista may be suiting up as Catwoman at 62! Rumor has it, she is director Christopher Nolan’s first choice to play the purring vixen in the next Batman movie. He wants a vamp that’s adored by younger men — in this case, the younger men may be gay, but hey, she still rocks!

Ann Curry This 51-year-old smarty-pants is so smooth with the news, she’s been a staple of The Today Show for over a decade. A respected journalist, we were impressed with her story on Today last week where she discovered her roots.

Sophia Loren Sexy at 73! How does she do it? Grace, charm, wit, and a body that just won’t quit it’s is so fit! Adored by everyone in Hollywood, even her co-stars, Cary Grant and Peter Sellers, proposed to her. All these years later, she’s still a screen siren.

Helen Mirren At 63, she truly is The Queen! The actress busted out her itty-bitty red bikini on the beach this summer leaving us all speechless at the sight of her hot bod. This grandma’s got it going on!

Jerry Hall The supermodel can rock any mini frock at 50. The sweet-tongued Texan talks a good game, but she’s still a bad girl. On a star-studded night at Nobu, she was seen canoodling panty-free with her exes, glam rock icons Bryan Ferry and Mick Jagger. What happens underneath the table, stays underneath the table.

Oprah The woman actually responsible for making 40 the new 30, is at the top of her game at 54! From the pulpit of her daily television show, she’s changed the media for women. Large and in charge, Oprah is one of the richest woman in the world and not just monetarily — she’s got the all right assets, from her brains to her booty, to make bank!

Madonna Her body is even tighter than her dancewear. She’s fitter than most women half her age and just keeps kickin’ out hits and lovers. Back on tour to promote her new album Hard Candy, she still wows audiences with her not-so private life and parts. From her Sex book in the ’90s to her recent rumored romp with Alex Rodriguez, the all-American baseball stud, Madonna’s doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well.

Pam Grier The foxy face of ’70s Blacksploitation films, her career really hit a stride after 50! Brought back to the big screen by acclaimed filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, she’s now a staple on the Showtime hit, The L Word, whose character was even engaged to a man nearly half her age.

Sharon Stone This cougar wears a lot of animal print and fur so she can be easily spotted. She flashed her stuff back in Basic Instinct, but now it’s an even more hot button topic. The Hollywood actress was out on the prowl with her new 24-year-old boy toy this weekend. She is woman, hear her roar!

Susan Sarandon Voted Best Celebrity Breasts in 1981 by Playboy, she can still show more cleavage than the Grand Tetons at, believe it or not, 61! She’s married to fellow actor hottie, Tim Robbins, who is 12 years her junior and together they campaign passionately for political causes.

Meryl Streep Considered the greatest living actress by critics, Meryl Streep has won every major award given to actors and she just keeps making amazing movies. At 59, she is the ultimate chameleon and a blonde bombshell to boot.

Michelle Obama This evening, the potential First Lady is set to give a hotly anticipated speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver — known for being outspoken and smart, we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what she has to say. And fingers crossed we get a fist bump!