The Rachel Zoe Project Is Going To Be Awesome

Since this season’s Project Runway is the last that will air on Bravo, people have been speculating what the network will do to replace its signature show. The answer: The Rachel Zoe Project. The show premieres on September 9. I just watched every single related video BravoTV has on its website and have come to the conclusion that it is going to rock for several reasons…

  1. Rachel Zoe works with some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, and Joy Bryant), so there should be some amazing guest appearances.
  2. Rachel Zoe’s female assistant, Taylor, is a demanding drama queen, meaning she is made for reality TV.
  3. Rachel’s new male assistant, Brad, is really attractive (despite almost certainly being gay), and he seems to wear plaid shirts like it’s his job. (We love plaid.)
  4. Brad cries!
  5. Rachel seems sweet one second, nasty the next. We will be watching every episode just to which side of unpredictable Rachel — Jekyll Rachel or Hyde Rachel — is on display.

And, FYI, Rachel’s last name is pronounced “zo” not “zoey.”