The Daily Squeeze: Young Jeezy And Swimming, Michael Phelps’s Book, And Janet Jackson’s Lingerie

  • According to Young Jeezy, Michael Phelps is “like the Young Jeezy of the swim world,” whatever that means. [Rolling Stone]
  • Speaking of the golden boy, Michael Phelps is set to “write” a book titled Built to Succeed, which makes it sound like it will be about how his body is superior to everyone else’ s and there is no possible way any of us could be as good as he is. In actually, Michael will share what it was like being raised by a single mother and deal with having ADD. [AHN]
  • Janet Jackson says she’s launching a lingerie line co-produced by Australian designer Bruno Schiavi. It will be called Pleasure Principle and will most likely help wearers have their own “wardrobe malfunctions.” [UPI]