Project Runway: What A Drag!

Designs We Hated [From Left]: Jerell’s Glittery Green Number; Daniel’s Sorbet Meltdown; Keith’s Filthy Howard the Duck Thing (Like Nina Garcia said, it is quite a puzzle)

On this week’s episode the designers were challenged to create an outfit for drag queens. Although this was a new challenge, not a recycle bin rescue from a previous season, I wasn’t really excited to watch it. I had a hard time figuring out why I should care.The best part of Runway for me is the fashion and this time it wasn’t fashion, but theatrics. And not haute couture theatrics that must convey a fashion aesthetic and drama. I get that the queens each have a character and their costumes must portray that character, but we learned very little about who these gals are. Sure, each of them had a catch phrase and a cool name, but there has to be more. I would have loved to learn how the queens get into drag because as guest judge RuPaul explained, “Drag is all smoke and mirrors.” But all we learned was that they stuff their bras, duh, and they must hide the “candy” (that is exactly what you think it is). Okay, so now that I’ve complained about what annoyed me on this episode I’ll let you know what went down. Daniel was finally auf’d for his “high-class” pastel tie-dye gown. He continued to spout-off about his high-class tastes, but this dress looked like sorbet melted over Chiquita Banana. Last week, I praised Keith for his ability to self-edit, but this week I, like everyone else on the show, am sick of his fabric swatches. Jerell and Blayne called his design “Keith’s Wookie Onesie” and Michael Kors said it looked like a “sad chicken,” but I think the whole package, including hairstyle, looked like a filthy Howard the Duck. Usually on challenges like this one, in which the designers have to satisfy someone that gets an opinion, there’s a risk that the model and designer will clash. And this time it happened to Suede, whose queen, Hedda Lettuce, asked if he was too lazy to do sleeves instead of gloves. After getting advice from Tim Gunn and Chris March, who unsurprisingly made an appearance at the drag challenge, Suede professionally approached Hedda about her comment and they made up before the runway. And Hedda definitely worked the Godzilla in The Flintstones look. Terry said she had experience designing for drag queens, and her kabuki design was extraordinary. There was something to look at everywhere on this costume. I’m still not sure if Terry, Korto or Joe should have won, but Terry was definitely sore that she didn’t. (Note to Terry: Grown women shouldn’t pout.) Check out their looks below.

Designs We Loved [From Left]: Korto’s Flaming Hot Mama Look; Joe’s Ann Margaret Does The Love Boat Jumpsuit; Terry’s Kabuki-Anime-Super Heroine Hybrid