Barack Obama’s VP: 10 Women To Consider

This week, Barack Obama is expected to announce his running mate. Who will he choose? Many of the rumored contenders are men, but a few women, including Hillary Clinton, are rumored to have been considered. We here at the Frisky would love to see Obama pick a female as his VP. So, we’ve assembled a list of the ladies we think would make for a suitable candidate-mate.1. The Blue Blood: Caroline Kennedy – Coupling up with political royalty would send the Obama campaign into the stratosphere. Kennedy’s endorsement helped knock Hillary out of the primary race, she’s well-respected for her charitable work, and she’s one of the few Kennedy’s who hasn’t been caught up in a scandal.

2. The Long Shot: Governor Kathleen Sebelius – While good ol’ boys like Joe Biden are supposedly at the top of Obama’s list, Sebelius is on it, too. As the governor of Kansas, she managed to push progressive policies in a conservative state, proving she has the chops to work across party lines and fight for hard won causes.

3. The Wife: Michelle Obama – If beside every good man is a good woman, what better choice could Obama make than his wife? We’d love to see these two fist-bump their way to the White House.

4. The Liberal: Dianne Feinstein – This California senator has decades of political experience. With Feinstein at his side, Obama would take California easily, while her Jewish background would win the vote of the chosen people.

5. The Party Girl: Paris Hilton – While she launched her own campaign bid with a tongue-in-cheek ad for Funny or Die, Paris would be willing to take a backseat as VP — so long as she could bring along her Chihuahua Tinkerbell. Besides, the energy policy she extolled the virtues of in her video made a refreshing amount of sense.

6. The Feminist: Gloria Steinem – Some feminists were unhappy when Caroline Kennedy endorsed Obama over Clinton. Some women will be upset if Obama chooses anyone other than Hillary as his running mate. Why not win the women’s vote by selecting the legendary leader of the women”s movement? Now that she’s no longer running Ms., Steinem would make women’s issues a political priority.

7. The Business Woman: Paula Wagner – At Tom Cruise’s business partner for the past 15 years, Wagner has produced movies like “Vanilla Sky” and “War Of The Worlds.” After working alongside Mr. Scientology for so long, she’s got to have what it takes to wrestle the world’s political leaders into submission.

8. The Star: Angelina Jolie – It’s pretty obvious Jolie hasn’t endorsed Obama or McCain because she”s holding out for a VP offer. At six kids and counting, she’d turn the White House into the ultimate Jolie-Pitt lovenest. Politics would never have been sexier.

9. The Meal Ticket: Oprah – McCain’s got wife Cindy’s millions to fund his campaign. Obama, however, is counting on his legions of supporters to fund his campaign. Oprah is richer than God. If money runs tight, she could finance his ascent to the presidency.

10. The Lesbian: Ellen DeGeneres – Seriously, it’s about time the gays had somebody in DC looking out for LGBT rights. The newly married Ellen would be an unprecedented statement. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t love the woman?