The Blame Game: Intoxicated Rape Victims Deserve Less Sympathy

Peter Hitchens’ brother is writer Christopher Hitchens (who penned the book “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything”), so it should come as no surprise that mouthy, attention-grabbing runs in the family. Peter Hitchens just wrote an opinion piece in London’s Daily Mail entitled “How The Left Censored The Blindingly Obvious Truth About Rape”. That “truth”, Hitchens says, is that, “women who get drunk are more likely to be raped than women who do not get drunk” and “a rape victim who was drunk deserves less sympathy.” Don’t worry! Rapists should be punished too, but the majority of the article is big on the victim-blaming, equating getting raped while you’re drunk with getting drunk, driving a car, and then killing someone. I get where he’s going with the analogy, but I think he’s slightly off. Getting raped while you’re drunk is more like getting drunk, getting in your car with the intention of driving, not being able to, and then getting rammed into intentionally by a totally sober driver. Also, the other flaw with Hitchens theory is that it does not take into account physical strength — he and other beastly men like him can get wasted all they want but don’t fear sexual assault by a woman. By another man? Sure, I guess, though those cases are far less common. Come to think of it, a woman getting raped while she’s drunk is more like a man getting drunk and then getting mugged and beat up on his way home, only minus the fear of having been infected with a disease or becoming pregnant. Anyway, I wonder if Hitchens will appreciate the authorities wagging their finger at him the next time he goes out for a night at the pub and wakes up with a black eye, bruises, and a missing wallet. [Daily Mail]