Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week of August 19th 2008


  • Lykke Li Youth Novels
    A Frisky favorite, we’ve been anxiously anticipating the release of Lykke Li’s first full length studio recording. And Youth Novels lives up to her ladylike hype! This Swedish singer’s sound is so cute and clap-able without pandering to pathetic pop trends. You’ll nod your head to her thoughtfully luscious vocals and sweet beats. This girl’s got it!
  • The Walkmen You & Me
    New York’s self-described “melodramatic” Walkmen have put out another rad record of optimistic electronic noise to patch up the lonely mechanic undercurrents. Their songs grind, gyrate, and wander into a cacophony of relishingly relatable romance. That’s not an effect on the singer’s, Hamilton Leithauser, voice, he really is disarmingly electrifying.
  • Uh Huh Her Common Reaction
    Named after the amazing PJ Harvey album, the darling duo of Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey have released their first record, Common Reaction. Multi-talented Leisha, who is also known as Alice Pieszeki from The L Word, took some time off from acting to act up in this chick rock band. And it really plays out, Uh Huh Her’s brand of indie electro-pop is lovably light and sexy.
  • Dandy Warhols Earth To The Dandy Warhols
    In their Lucky 13th year releasing records together, the Dandy Warhols have created another crazy classic. Sexy since the early 90’s, the group’s new album is funky, sharp and definitely meant to be listened to loud. Tracks like Welcome To The Third World will have you dancing to lyrics you sure can understand.
  • Ra Ra Riot The Rhumb Line
    Straight out of the Syracuse, NY, tundra, their music will warm up any room. The indie outfit features 2 females on electric strings and babelicious boys who will rock you, gently. Their original drummer, John Pike, died after the release of their first record, and this is their first effort since the loss. We’re glad they banded together and kept putting out!
  • Sterolab Chemical Chords
    The British five-piece has put out their 9th crowd-pleasing pop record. Whether the stylish Laetitia Sadier is singing in English or French, they always sound good. This band’s been banging ‘em out since 1990 and they still do Moog synths proud!


  • Gossip Girl: Season 1
    TV’s sexiest guilty pleasure is finally on DVD. The first season is chock full of tension, teens, and bad boy Chuck Bass. The ride starts here.
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
    Francis McDormand is fantastic, but when we first saw the trailer for this movie, it seemed like a renter. Maybe the chick flick premise seemed like something we needed to keep our love secret for, but now it’s out on DVD and it even got a surprisingly good rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Wimbledon Finals: 2008
    We normally don’t endorse sport docs, but two hot tennis stars sweatin’, struttin’, and battlin’ it out at Wimbledon always holds our attention. It’s Nadal vs. Federer. But if you want to see Rafael shirtless for free, check out the cover of this week’s New York.
  • Legendary Performances: Tammy Wynette
    With a huge blonde bob and enough hairspray to burn through the ozone, Tammy Wynette is an original American icon with attitude. See the country star sing her way through classics like Stand By Your Man with bonus footage from her wedding, two sit down interviews, and her Country Music Hall of Fame Induction.