Urban Outfitters Launches Secondary Lines With Indie Designers

Marc, I love you, but things aren’t working out. I just can’t afford your $400 tops anymore. This is why I’ve turned to Urban Outfitters lately to get my designer fashion fix.

Over the past few months, Urban Outfitters has jumped on the fashion “class for the masses” bandwagon, a phenomenon made popular by Target’s collaborations with luxury designers. This time, however, Urban is reaching out to a more indie aesthetic, commissioning cult designers like Geren Ford and Charlotte Ronson to create exclusive, secondary collections. The lines play no second fiddle to the real deal. In May, UO launched with Ford’s collection, titled Hawks, an assortment of bright pieces with a candy-coated sailor vibe.

Similarly, the Steven Alan line, Lark & Wolff, is an identifiable standout among the store’s other merchandise. The tailored oxford shirtdresses, cotton rompers, and plaid tops channel the Steven Alan signature aesthetic, only at a reduced price.

There’s also Play by Charlotte Ronson with a tomboy vs. pretty look (think button-downs paired with a blue vest with white buttons or a chiffon dress and a preppy, navy blazer). Parisian label Paul & Joe Sister lent its talents as well through Rendez-Vous — the most girly of all the collaborations — with frilly blouses and feminine white dresses, all with the designers distinct French Touche. Up next is Samantha Pleet’s Rapscallion collection, which will feature schoolboy-esque vests, gold-buttoned dresses, and Samantha’s favorite piece, a wool dress with a detachable cape.

And come mid-September, lines from Spring & Clifton and Grey Ant will hit stores.

The clothes don’t come with the lightest of price tags; expect to spend anywhere form $50-$120 on a single piece. Yet, that’s a far cry from the fist of Benjamins I dropped on my last Marc Jacobs Dress.

Urban, I see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.