Michael Phelps: Who To Go For The Gold With?

Studly swimmer Michael Phelps is on everyone’s lips, yet shockingly still single. Although he shares a close relationship with his mama, the athlete has put off his personal life to become a well-trained machine. As the Olympics come to a close, Michael has broken records, but no one’s heart. So, now that he’ll have some free time, here’s who The Frisky thinks he should test the waters with:

America Ferrera: The sweetheart star of Ugly Betty, Phelps could easily just say he won all those gold medals for this America! Smart and successful, with a bright smile to match his — Ferrera could give this swimmer something to hold onto.
Ashley Olsen: The well-behaved Olsen twin is business savvy and beautiful. Just like Phelps, she’s is a wunderkind from a close-knit family. So, Ashley understands how to handle relatives and keep up with the demands of the spotlight. Plus, she has a soft spot for jocks, the actress/fashion designer has been linked to Ivy League quarterback Matt Kaplan and biker Lance Armstrong.

Jennifer Aniston: She likes hanging out in pools with younger men. Recently on the rebound, Phelps could springboard from Olympic glory onto the red carpet.

Amanda Beard: This Olympic Swimmer/model has won seven gold medals and the cover of Playboy. She plans on retiring after a tough bout in Beijing, but she would understand his demanding training. Athletic, confident, and sexy, this California pin-up girl could provide Phelps the perfect gene pool.

Rumer Willis: Celebuspawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, the actress/model/party girl could show Phelps a fun time after all the demanding training. She’s also (unfairly) accused of being a butterface by bloggers, so the two could bond over their hot bods.

Reichen Lehmkuhl: We don’t want to be narrow-minded. Since 10 out of 10,000 Olympians in Beijing are out in the open, an incredibly low number considering 10% of the world’s population is homosexual, we figure there’s a chance Phelps may have a thing for dudes. Here at The Frisky, we thought he would look good next to Lance Bass’ ex-boyfriend. Just like Phelps, this muscle-bound hunk has also distinguished himself with his charmingly competitive spirit. The Amazing Race 4 winner was booted out of the military for being gay, so he can understand what it’s like to be in a profession where you have to keep quiet.