Loud Sex Lover Banned In The UK

A couple in Southern England has been seriously putting the WHAM! BAM! in the Thank you ma’am! According to Kelly “The Screamer” Norris’ neighbors, the 29-year-old comes louder than a freight train. Even after the other apartment residents obtained a court order in 2006 to lower the volume on her bumpin’ music, slammin’ headboard, and x-rated dirty talk, she still refused to comply when she got down. Now, we here at the Frisky can appreciate a woman who likes to be vocal, but she’s been teaching a six year old who lives in the building a whole new set of vocabulary words. And Norris has also been giving them more than just an earful, she’s also showing an unwanted eyeful by sunbathing nude in the communal backyard. Man, this chick’s got balls! So how did her neighbors finally beat her off? They cleverly decided to apply for an injunction to ban her boyfriend, Adam Hinton, 32, from visiting her apartment. In court earlier this week, the ban was granted and Norris was also fined $600 for loving too loud (but I think we can all agree that finding a man who makes you scream is priceless.) Although, maybe she should think about moving…into a sound proof place with blind neighbors. [The Daily Telegraph via Fark]