Jennifer Aniston: Who To Do Next?

Jennifer Aniston has had many a studly star — Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Vince Vaughn, just to name a few. While every girl gets the breakup blues, we all know you have to get right back up on the horse and ride — and by horse we mean a new Hollywood hottie. So, now that Jennifer and John Mayer are over, we’re wondering who is a girl to do? We decided to explore her options…

If She Wants Romance: John Cusack
The only thing Jennifer loves more than a good sappy role in a romantic comedy is dating her co-star. And no one makes a cuter leading man than Lloyd Dobbler, aka John Cusack, who would lift a heavy ’80s boom box above his head just to play you some Peter Gabriel. Now they just have to make a chick flick together and let love take its natural course. Plus, Joan Cusack would totally make an awesome sister-in-law!

If She Wants Another Bad Boy Rock Star: Adam Levine
Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine is a heartbreaker. He dumped Jessica Simpson via text, dated Paris Hilton, toyed with Jessica Biel, then slummed it with a regular mortal — Becky Ginos — and that was just in 2006! So if Jennifer wants another man who plays instruments and the ladies, Adam’s almost over-qualified. Better yet, Levine is the perfect rebound because he’s in the same genre as Mayer, and that would ensure that John feels like just another one of Jennifer’s cheap musician flings.

If She Wants To Take The Confirmed Bachelor Challenge: Jeremy Piven
Smooth talking star Jeremy Piven is a real ladies man. And we know Jennifer can’t resist that type of charmer! He’s like Vince Vaughn with a better career, but just as much attitude. You know the hippie in her will melt for a man drives a hybrid car. Take him for a test drive, girl.

If She Wants Her Mind Screwed As Much As Her Body: Owen Wilson
Going back to an ex (the two briefly dated earlier this year while filming Marley & Me) is always a trip, especially when he’s kind of a head case already. But sometimes the comfort of a place you’ve been before is what you need to move on. Besides, when it comes to helping a friend through a hard time, Owen Wilson owes her one.

If She Wants Another Distinguished Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Her ex-hubby Brad Pitt is as sexy as he is talented — but you could easily say that about Joaquin Phoenix. He’s a hot serial monogamist who gets good roles and makes them great. Homebody Phoenix rises above the Hollywood scene and stays out of the tabloids. Sounds like marriage material!

If She Wants To Be Trendy And Go Lezzy: Drew Barrymore
They’ve both had hot, heavy, and very public relationships that recently burned out. Drew is open about being bisexual and we bet she’s just the kind of scissor sister Jennifer needs right now. They’ve both been divorced, love beachy hair, musiciansmaking romantic comedies, and were born in California. Match made in Sapphic heaven!