Beauty How To: Brigitte Bardot’s Bedroom Hair

Achieving that Brigette Bardot-esque “bedroom hair” look is damn tricky. I tried it once, and instead of getting sexy, sultry, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed sexpot locks, I wound up with messy, unkempt, Amy Winehouse-in-her- darkest-days hair. Not pretty, to say the least. To make sure I get it right the next time, I consulted Liam Carrey, stylist from New York’s Ted Gibson salon, for his top tips on how to get glam — not grunge — bedroom hair.

1. Consider what your hair naturally does in the morning, and use that as your inspiration.
“Bedroom hair” is soft, not particularly well-manicured hair with lots of texture and loose, tousled messiness — essentially, what you get when you just wake up, but prettier, Carrey says. After you drag your butt out of bed in the morning, look at your hair in the mirror, paying careful attention to the volume you get at the crown and the natural waves and bends it has taken on. “Creating your ‘bedroom hair’ look should be a cleaned-up, prettier version of your reflection,” he explains.

2. Think “sexy”, not “messy”.
With this look, you’ve got to be mindful of the fine line between “sexy” and “crack addict”. “The term ‘bedroom hair” refers to the hair you get after you’ve been doing the kinds of things you hope to be doing in the bedroom, you get my drift?” Carrey says. “We’re talking hair that’s been thrown around and has got a little sweat-induced wave.” Case in point: matted, “Alfafa” kinda stuff isn’t what you’re seeking.

3. Bust out your old-school styling tools.
You know the curling iron, rollers and hair pins you haven’t used since senior prom? Yeah, break those out of the back of your under-sink cabinet. “The easiest way to achieve ‘bedroom hair’ is to separate your hair into five or six sections and then wrap each section around a large-barreled curling iron, letting the ends poke out messily,” Carrey says. To do so expertly, hold one section in the iron for 10 seconds or so, then remove it and pin the curled hair on top of your head, finishing with a spritz of light-hold hair spray. Repeat this step with each section, then get dressed and slap on your makeup so you can let your hair “set”. When you’re almost ready to go, take down each section and rake your fingers through your hair to break up the curls. Rough up your roots with your fingertips to create that I-just-woke-up volume.

No curling iron? Carrey says hot or Velcro rollers will do, as will a circa-1993 scrunchie. “Before you go to sleep, use that scrunchie to put your hair up in the highest ponytail you possibly can, and then spray it with light-hold hairspray,” he instructs. When you wake up, your hair should have a nice, natural bend and loads of volume. If you’ve got any funky kinks, smooth them out with a tiny dab of shine serum, and if you’re at all oily, blast your hair with some dry shampoo to mop up oil and restore volume.

Ohh la la, voila!