Project Runway: Welcome To The “Jungle” Of Teamwork

We’re Not In Love [From Left]: Kelli and Daniel’s Hussy Loves Dolce & Gabbana Ensemble; Blayne and Leanne’s I Heart Old Navy Look; Terri and Suede’s Boring Boho-Chic Outfit.

Last night on Project Runway the designers had to create a work outfit that could transition to night for Brooke Shields’s character on Lipstick Jungle. Besides receiving immunity for the next challenge, the winning designer would also have the ultimate prize of Shields wearing the outfit during season two of Lipstick Jungle. They had 30 minutes to sketch and then Shields picked six designers from the remaining 12 to head up a team of two. Keith ended up having the winning design because he’s one of the few that is actually learning how to self-edit, but keep his perspective as a designer. His outfit was reminiscent of his toilet paper in a windstorm dress from episode three. Both had fluttery pieces of fabric, but the skirt from last night was brown and the pieces were rounded as opposed to the squares of the toilet paper dress, making the skirt a lot less harsh. He was even able to incorporate elements of the previous dress into the more recent design by choosing similar colors for the flowy chiffon top whose sleeves also mimicked the squares of fabric.

Blayne, on the other hand, hasn’t learned anything. He continues to design for his idea of California Barbie crossed with Paris Hilton and a Playboy Bunny. His design from last night was totally inappropriate for work wear. The shorts were extremely tight and the unbuttoned shirt would not work in a business meeting.

This challenge proved something that we all have concluded at some point, but would never say because it’s an unpopular idea in the workplace: It really sucks to work in a team sometimes. Kelli partnered with Daniel and realized early on that she had made a mistake because his construction was way off. He only ruched half of the pencil skirt. Other teams also had problems working together. Kenley told Keith she didn’t like his design. Korto felt Joe should have said her jacket was too voluminous before Tim Gunn critiqued it. She was able to fix it, though. (On a side note, my Barbie doll once had a jacket similar to Korto’s, but she hardly ever wore it because as a ballgown that reversed into a jacket it was too voluminous also.) But the most hilarious squabbling was between Terri and Suede, who was worried about the amount of fabric they had to drape an off-the-shoulder blouse and was lost at the sewing machine. He needed a little too much hand holding for Terri. ”I don’t know what he’s packing, balls or vajayjay, but he needs to work that out,” she said. ”I ain’t got no babies, ain’t nobody sucking on my t–ties, so please, man up.”

Designs We Loved [From Left]: Jerell and Stella’s Should-Have-Won Grrr Dress; Keith and Kenley’s Fabulously Flowy Sophisticate Dress; Korto and Joe’s Beautiful Don’t-Remove-the-Jacket Ensemble (they had problems with the construction of the strapless dress)