The Hotness Awards Winners Are Here!

The Hotness Awards: 2008 Award Winners

Back in June, we began asking you for your nominees for the hottest people, places, and things of 2008. You had a lot of suggestions, but in the end we could only pick four finalists for every category. When it came time to vote, you had every woman’s dream at your fingertips. Christian Bale or Ryan Gosling? Scarlett Johansson or Santogold? “Atonement” or “Californication”? We know it was hard, but you exercised your right to vote for the hottest in droves. After the jump, check out who won the Frisky’s First Annual Hotness Awards. Then speak your minds in the comments!

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Hottest Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal is the ultimate indie movie actress, from roles in “Secretary” to “SherryBaby.” This year, she took things to a whole new level when she stole the Rachel Dawes role from Katie Holmes in “The Dark Knight.” From a skin-baring ad campaign for Agent Provocateur less than a year after she gave birth to her daughter, to her happy marriage to fellow thespian Peter Sarsgaard, Gyllenhall’s a girl who’s got it all.

James McAvoy

Hottest Actor: James McAvoy

How can you not melt when you hear McAvoy speak? That Scottish accent of his is seriously sexy. With starring roles in two of the biggest movies of the last year—the high-octane “Wanted” and the super-romantic “Atonment,” McAvoy is one of the hottest working actors in the business. (Not to mention that he sent hearts around the world aflutter with that library sex scene in “Atonement” opposite Keira Knightley.)

Heath Ledger as The Joker

Hottest Movie: The Dark Knight

Without a doubt, the latest Batman movie was the blockbuster of the summer. A dizzying ride of non-stop action, over-the-top special effects, and a plot that stayed true to its comic book roots, “The Dark Knight,” and Bale’s Batman, won our hearts. As an added bonus, Heath Ledger’s Joker was one of the best, most unforgettable performances on the big screen.

She & Him

Hottest Band: She & Him

Zooey Deschanel made the leap from actress to musician, and now she’s charming music lovers’ ears as the girly half of She & Him. Zooey sings, plays the piano, and bangs the banjo, while M. Ward plays guitar and produces. On Volume One, the duo’s sweet, retro-tunes are perfect for girls who aren’t afraid to fetishize neo-folk.


Hottest Female Singer: Duffy

Welsh singer-songwriter Duffy has people all over the world begging for “Mercy.” Her throaty delivery and British style make her the good girl’s Amy Winehouse. Unlike the manufactured sexiness of other bands like the Pussycat Dolls, Duffy offers sexy—without the stripper moves.

Albert Hammond Jr.

Hottest Male Singer: Albert Hammond, Jr.

You know we’re crazy about Usher and Chris Brown at The Frisky, and Bon Iver certainly has his following, but it was the smooth vocal stylings of Stroke- gone-solo Albert Hammond Jr. that took the prize. Maybe it’s better if New York’s favorite band doesn’t reunite.


Hottest Blog: Feministing

It’s a big blogosphere out there, and the competition for Hottest Blog was tough, but we had to hand it to Feministing. Sure, we like reading about celebrities, fashion, and guys, but if you want to know what smart women have to say about today’s most important women’s issues, Feministing is the go-to blog for women who think.


Hottest Fashion Trend: Vests

Once upon a time, vests were worn by bankers, ushers, and bridegrooms. Nowadays, everybody’s rocking this menswear staple. Regularly seen on fashion plates like Kate Moss and Kate Hudson, a funkified, fitted vest can show off your girly curves with a nod to the boys.

American Wife

Hottest Book: American Wife

This soon-to-be-released novel from Curtis Sittenfeld, who wrote the bestselling Prep, isn’t on stands yet, but it’s already got everyone talking. Purported to be a fictionalized tale that draws heavily from the facts of First Lady Laura Bush’s life, American Wife’s Alice Blackwell has a lesbian grandmother, accidentally kills her high school crush, and gets an abortion. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

New York City

Hottest City: New York City

Overcrowded? Check. Overpriced? Check. Overpopulated? Check. So, why the heck does everyone on the planet want to live on this island? Because it’s the center of the universe, of course. Where else can you eat out at four in the morning, experience a completely different country by walking a few blocks, or spot Sarah Jessica Parker walking down the sidewalk? Nowhere. That’s why we love it.

Mad Men

Hottest TV Show: Mad Men

“Gossip Girl” is good, “Project Runway” is awesome, and “Weeds” is riveting, but “Mad Men” is all that and more. Don Draper is the hottest ad man since, well, ever, and the pitch-perfect recreation of what life was really like in the early sixties is totally unprecedented. On top of all that, the show offers a bevy of female characters whose storylines and internal lives are as complicated as those of their male counterparts.

Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson

Hottest Controversy: Lindsay Gay?

First, Britney cleaned up her act. After that, Paris settled down with a Good Charlotte. Thankfully, we’ve got daily sightings of Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson’s are-they-or-aren’t-they antics to keep us entertained. Thanks to LiLo, lesbianism is the new black.

Dara Torres

Hottest Athlete: Dara Torres

Tom Brady may be the hottest guy in football. Rafael Nadal sure looks nice in those tennis whites. And Sean Avery sure knows how to hit a hockey puck. But it’s the awesome sight of 41-year old, Olympic swimmer, and mother-of-one Dara Torres going for the gold medal in Beijing that knocks all the other boys right out of the water.

Frozen Yogurt

Hottest Food: Frozen Yogurt

It’s the new coffee, cupcake, and Cosmopolitan—because fro yo fits right in with our low-cal, low-fat, taste buds-driven culture. Both Red Mango and Pinkberry try to sell a lifestyle along with their frozen treats, but, really, it’s all about the yummy yogurt.


Hottest Hair Style: Bangs

Bangs are back. Katie Holmes, Petra Nemcova, Christina Ricci, Anna Wintour, Irina Lazareanu—they’ve all got ‘em. Wispy or blunt, super-girlish or totally emo, above the brows or dusting the lashes, it’s hot to be on the fringe.


Hottest Comedian: Kristen Wiig

On “Saturday Night Live,” this funny lady is breathing new life into sketch comedy. As the scatterbrained Target Lady, pathological liar Penelope, and female half of the Two A-Holes, Wiig is single-handedly making “SNL” worth watching again.

You've got d-mail!

Hottest Viral Video: Dimitri The Lover

There can be no doubt about it. In 2008, the douchiest douche in Doucheland, the tooliest tool in Toolland was Dimitri. The worst kind of pick up artist, this sleazy con man left a series of creepy emails for a woman he wanted to date, and it became a viral video sensation. Trust us, that voicemail from your ex-boyfriend, or, for that matter, any of your future ex-boyfriends, pales by comparison.

Atonement Hotness

Hottest Sex Scene: Keira Knightley & James McAvoy in “Atonement”

Before this movie, we weren’t big fans of Knightley, and McAvoy had barely registered on our hottie radar. Apparently, your internal temperature went through the roof when watching their library love scene. Never again will we play Clue—“…did it in the library with a candlestick”—and feel the same way again.

Barack Obama

Hottest Politician: Barack Obama

Holla! Obama is hot, hot, hot. The Democractic presidential candidate eeked out his party’s nomination in a photo-finish race against Hillary Clinton. Here at the Frisky, we’re pretty sure his widespread popularity has something to do with that voice, those earnest speeches, the way he fist-bumped his wife – oh, and his political platform.

iPhone 3G

Hottest Gadget: iPhone 3G

Once again, Apple has hit pay dirt with the latest model of their life-changing iPhone. This time around, the annoying bugs of the first version are gone—or, at least most of them. For us gadget-minded girls who spend far, far too much time on the internet, there’s nothing hotter than technology performing at its full potential.