The Daily Hotness: Leslie Hall

Through YouTube videos like “Gem Sweater” and “Blame My Booty”, this corn-fed Iowa girl has gotten the whole Internet freaky for her beat-boxin’, hip-shakin’, laugh-makin’ hits. Covered in gold spandex unitards and a mop of blond curls that would put even Dolly Parton to shame, Leslie has inspired a cult following as enthusiastic as her awesome boogie. Last night, she brought the house down at the Bust 15th Anniversary Party with silly lyrics and neon fringe from her crotch to her toes. I bought a pink “Shazam I’m Glamorous!” t-shirt from her mom/costumer and waited in line so I could get her to autograph it. But let me tell you, Leslie was worth the wait! Check out a video of her awesomeness, after the jump…

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