Five “Philias” That Freak Us Out & Five That Don’t Sound So Bad

I once dated someone that had a thing for pretty feet. It didn’t really bother me because he usually only admired my feet. But sometimes, especially in the summer, he would introduce me to someone and ask, “Doesn’t she have pretty feet?” This would freak me out because beauty is subjective and I didn’t want so-and-so thinking, “Uh, not really.” So today, I came across this really funny diagram of sexual fetishes and started thinking about the ones that aren’t too bad and the ones that would totally freak me out. [Cracked via Tango]Not So Bad Fetishes

  • Aquaphilia: arousal from water (Explains the hype with hot tubs.)
  • Retifism: arousal from shoes (Who doesn’t enjoy a sexy pair of pumps?)
  • Sitophilia: arousal from food (Duh, aphrodisiacs.)
  • Hybristophilia: attraction to people who have committed crimes (So this is why so many women marry their criminal pen pals.)
  • Spectrophilia: attraction to ghosts (It worked for Demi.)
  • Too Freaky For Me

  • Necrozoophilia: attraction to dead animals
  • Emetophilia: attraction to vomit
  • Eproctophilia: attraction to farts
  • Coprophilia: attraction to feces
  • Vorarephilia: arousal from eating or being eaten by another person