The Witches Of Eastwick Swoops Onto The Small Screen

ABC has hired one of the writers from Dawson’s Creek, Maggie Friedman, to recreate the 1987 classic, The Witches of Eastwick, into a new TV pilot. We’re so psyched — and not just because we’ll be saving the movie theater ticket price! Just like the film, the TV adaptation will be loosely based on the John Updike book about three women who were stuck, jilted by their husbands, in the same small New England town. Together they use some womanly wizardry to summon up a man to satisfy them, but he’s (of course) more trouble than he’s worth. Now, the original cast was slammin’: Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, and Jack Nicholson. But since the teen drama is totally BACK — hello, Gossip Girl and 90210 — which teen TV queens can hold a candle up to the spell they cast today? We here at The Frisky have some suggestions:

  • The Devil, originally played by the irresistible Jack Nicholson, has some big sexy shoes to fill. It’s gonna take a guy who’s so seductive, he’s evil. We’re thinking Gossip Girl’s bad boy, Ed Westwick because he can make women do anything — even like plaid short-shorts on a guy. Plus “Westwick does Eastwick” makes a great headline. Come to think of it, “Westwick Falls In Love With The Women Of The Frisky” does have a certain ring to it too…
  • Who, WHO?! Could fill Cher’s shoes? Only a drag impersonator…or Miley Cyrus. She’s already got the big hair and lips. Plus homegirl’s definitely got a bad streak, you know she’d conjure up something hot, just look at what she’s doing to the press.
  • When it comes to an experienced witch like Michelle Pfeifer (who has spent her career voodooing in movies like Stardust), it’s going to take someone seriously blond and bitch-tastic. And who does both better than Becki Newton, aka “Amanda” on Ugly Betty, the secretary who gets snaps for her smack-talking? Her mouth is already magic.
  • Vanessa Hudgens seems all sugar and no spice, but you know that chick would loose her mind if Zac Efron ever broke it off! And that’s the fear she needs to channel to play the straight-laced Susan Sarandon character.

[Aint It Cool]