Star Couplings: Tom Cruise Lets Katie Wear The Pants, Er, Heels

  • Katie Holmes rocked a pair of serious heels, standing next to (and towering over) her husband Tom Cruise at the premiere of Tropic Thunder. Maybe they do have what is takes to last… [Perez Hilton]
  • Wow. Check out the simmering hysteria in this chick, as she meets Joe Jonas. Ahh, I remember the days of feeling like I would just DIE if I got close enough to smell my favorite rock stars man-scent. [DListed]
  • Tommy Lee really has tried to give up eating meat for on-and-off girlfriend/wife Pamela Anderson, a PETA spokesperson. But the allure of In-N-Out is impossible to fight. [DListed]
  • Lauren Conrad is dating Kyle Howard from the awesome TBS show My Boys. [Perez Hilton]
  • Grrrrr…Tori Spelling has dropped out of appearing on the new 90210, reportedly because she was pissed about how much rival Shannen Doherty was being paid. [Us Weekly]