Men: Stay Healthy, Stay Single

Being a life-long bachelor has its obvious perks, but now it’s also as healthy a lifestyle as being married — arguably even healthier. Back in 1973, a Michigan State University sociologist started surveying men, single, widowed, and betrothed, about their health without giving them medical examinations. Since then, Dr. Hui Liu has interviewed over a million men from 25 to 80. At first, his research seemed to conclude that married men were in the best shape. But over the years, as they asked each demographic how they felt, the gap began to narrow between those who were married and those who were single. As sexual freedom and other forms of long-term commitment gained popularity within society, more eligible bachelors, who opted out of marriage, have still managed to get their kicks and stay fit. Unfortunately, once widowed, married men reported a higher number of of illness over the years. (Awww, Grandpa really does love Grandma, even when they fight!) But the sad truth disproves the old saying “it is better to love once, then to never love at all.” One question remains: does this spinster plan work as well for women? Because I’m already sick of trying to find a husband. [Freep via Fark]