Tara Reid Is Not Classy Enough For “Dancing With The Stars”

According to reports, Tara Reid has been rejected for the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars. The reason? Well, it seems the folks over at ABC don’t find her to be “family friendly” enough. Reid, apparently, applied and was rejected several times. Ouch. We’re just wondering what exactly they find so offensive? Sure, she’s a notorious Hollywood party girl, but then again, most celebrities in their twenties today are known for being a little wild. She also had some botched plastic surgery and a very public nipple slip at Diddy’s 35th birthday party; neither one of those is an uncommon occurrence in Hollywood. Hey, a nipple slip is PG compared to the kitty-flashing that goes on today in Tinseltown.

Perhaps ABC needs to take a closer look at some of the contestants they’ve had on the show prior to see how squeaky clean they really are. A sample of the contestants ABC has deemed appropriate in the past is after the jump…

  • Drew Lachey was accused of having an affair with costar Cheryl Burke.
  • Lisa Rinna did a Playboy spread when she was six months pregnant and also was rumored to have had plastic surgery.
  • Shannon Elizabeth, before she fell to D-list status, became famous for her role in the raunchy teen flick, American Pie, where she was filmed pleasuring herself.
  • Vivica A. Fox was busted for a DUI.
  • Shanna Moakler, was a Playboy Playmate known for some very public verbal and physical fights with Paris Hilton.
  • Last but certainly not least was Tatum O’Neal, who, according to one of her autobiographies, was 13 when she smoked opium and participated in an orgy with Melanie Griffith, a male hairdresser, and his girlfriend. She was also a heroin addict and was recently busted for trying to buy crack in NYC.
  • One of those that’s been accepted and deemed “family friendly” enough for this season is Kim Kardashian. Um, last time we checked she got peed on in her sex-tape with Ray J. Keepin’ it classy, ABC, keeping’ it classy.