This Week On The Frisky: Polyamory, Kinky Fox News, Tyra Banks, & The Mile High Club

The Frisky | August 8, 2008 - 9:00 pm
  • We debated whether the recession was killing our mojo.
  • We learned all about polyamory from writer Anya James.
  • Wendy Atterberry declared her love for Swingtown and Catherine hearted Quiksilver’s fall collection.
  • Glossed Over told you what was worth reading in the lady mags and we bid goodbye to Playgirl.
  • Susannah Breslin revealed Fox News’ love for kinky sex and the true mission behind
  • Natalie Krinsky wondered if what you would consider “settling” in your ’20s is actually totally satisfying in your ’30s. Speaking of satisfying, how about those sensual food metaphors?
  • Intern Annika told you some cuh-razy celebrity rumors, Amelia reviewed Tyra Banks’ most self-absorbed moments, Catherine tried to tell the difference between these celebrities, and Simcha gave out the straight dope on Balthazar Getty.
  • Amelia wondered why celebrities wouldn’t discuss having done in-vitro fertilization.
  • Judy McGuire pissed off more than a few boys, um, men, when she revealed when to dump him. But hey! When things are good, here’s how not to take him for granted! Or, if you’re single, join the mile-high-club.
  • Wendy Atterberry compared the internet celebrity of Julia Allison with the real fame of Jessica Simpson, with shocking results!
  • We thought Katie Holmes was JUST LIKE US, until we realized those were Tommy Girl’s jeans.
  • L’Oreal got served by Intern Annika, Amelia killed the slut debate, the Guys On Our IM denied any knowledge of the third date rule, and we officially got over our crush on that scumbag John Edwards.
  • And we got all hot and bothered for Jeffrey Donovan, T.I., 10 Olympians, and Eddie Vedder.