Stupid Trend Alert: Band-Aids As Fashion Accessory

Now that Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch has designed a line of boldly patterned Band-Aids, fashion people are trying to convince the world that these bandages are the must-have accessory, even equating it with a bracelet or handbag. But any sane person over the age of 5 knows this is a load of bull. As someone that occasionally walks into walls, I have a real problem with broadcasting my accident-prone tendencies. I’d prefer to just wear a temporary tattoo or a Swarovski crystal tattoo or stick with my REAL kick-ass tats. Those at least don’t have the ick-factor of a Band-Aid.

Fashion types are known for wanting attention and I have no problem admiring someone’s style, but I refuse to give them my sympathy for a cut that probably doesn’t exist. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes tried this fad in the ’90s and it didn’t work. Rapper Nelly adopted the Band-Aid look in ’00s and has since abandoned it. So fashion world that I know and love, please stop this stupid trend right now before all the editors at New York Fashion Week start looking like they went to New York Presbyterian Hospital instead of Bryant Park. [New York Times]