Listen Up, Tabloids: Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone!

Brangelina just had twins and the magazine covers of OK! and Star are at it again, claiming that Brad’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, is desperate to not be far behind on the procreation bandwagon. While Aniston’s rep denied the rumor today, we still find the story to be pretty messed up. First of all, Jennifer went from being America’s Sweetheart to America’s #1 Cougar in the span of just a few years. And sure, she’s headed straight for the big 4-0, but we didn’t see anyone flinch when 50-something bachelor George Clooney went monogamous with Sarah Larson a few months ago (albeit just for a bit). No one was putting him on the cover of their trash mag claiming he wanted to settle down and spawn. Not every lady’s biological clock is ticking.

But let’s focus on the facts — Jennifer has a great career and lifestyle, so what makes these mags think she wants anything but a sexy stud to play around the pool with? Okay, so maybe she brought it on herself a bit when she told Vanity Fair back in 2005 that, “There’s an amazing man who’s wandering the streets right now, who’s the father of my [future] children.” But isn’t a girl allowed to just have a good time? She and that pretty young thing, John Mayer, have only been going steady for a few months. These mags are like pushy mothers who just want grandkids! But seriously, it’s preposterous to think that they’d already be working on making mini-me’s! So if this rumor is just to steal Brangelina’s thunder, it’s dumb. And if it’s just to make Jennifer Aniston look pathetic, it’s mean and degrading women everywhere — and may we remind them, their magazine readership. [The Bosh]