Hollywood Trend: Celebrities Say “No” To “I Do”

Marriage is so out this wedding season! Only Mariah Carey is doing it, that’s how over it is. After a nuptial-less summer — not even Kate Moss made it down the aisle — we started noticing the new Hollywood trend. Longterm partnerships (sans diamonds, splashy affairs, and cheesy photos) are the must-have Ray-Ban Wayfarers of relationships! After both had failed marriages, hippie generation icons Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been going at it, without making it official, for 25 years. In an interview, Goldie claimed their secret to success is, “knowing I can walk out at any moment…that keeps things fresh.” And after going through the pain of divorce, many stars seem to agree.

  • After divorcing Eric Benet, Halle Berry refuses to marry again, even if it’s to her hot baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry.
  • Twice divorced Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt have been building a brood, but they still haven’t made themselves legal.
  • Most recently, twice married Jim Carrey and divorcee Jenny McCarthy, who have been dating for three years, say they’ll never tie the knot. The comedian told The Daily Star that he is still scarred from his past failures. “I think getting married is great and everyone should do it. But once you’ve done it twice you should stop doing it.” However, he and his gal Jenny are so close they hosted an autism convention together and they even share swimsuits!
  • So who is to say the only way to stay together is with a gold band? Hollywood’s not buying it!