Couples Who Ended Up Looking Like Each Other

Some people start dating because they are so very similar. They have the same interests, background, education, taste in dogs, and favorite dessert. Then there are couples who end up becoming more and more like their significant other as the relationship progresses, and not just in interests, but in looks. Here are eight current and former couples who began looking and dressing alike after they started going out.

Ashlee Simpson dyed her hair darker and started using a straightener non-stop when she and Pete Wentz started dating. [Photo: AP]

Britney Spears has always dressed provocatively, but her clothes got trashier when she and Kevin Federline were together. [Photo: AP]

Katie Holmes cut her hair into a short, floppy style similar to Tom Cruise’s. And she wears his pants. [Photo: Splash News]

Ashton Kutcher abandoned trucker hats for three-piece suits after gettin’ hitched to chic Demi Moore. [Photo: AP]

Jessica Simpson dyed her hair brown during her John Mayer phase. [Photo: Splash News]

Linday Lohan looks happier now that she’s with Samantha Ronson, but she also looks skinnier and grungier. [Photo: Splash News]

Jennifer Lopez has abandoned the ghetto-fabulous outfits she once wore while dating Diddy. [Photo: AP]

Evan Rachel Wood briefly died her hair black to match boyfriend Marilyn Manson’s. [Photos: AP]