Doesn’t Know Squat About Brangelina

That’s because the magazine Us Weekly lives at on the web. But guess what occupies A site in support of John McCain for President, which seems to spend all of its space bashing McCain’s opponent, Senator Barack Obama. Some choice diatribes: “Barack Obama’s ‘fight the smears’ campaign is the same strategy Fidel Castro used to convince Cubans to elect him”, “In Indonesia the Barack Obama autobiography titled ‘The Audacity of Hope’ is titled ‘Assault Hope: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse'”, and “Barack Obama warned supporters (behind closed doors of course) that the GOP will use his race to ‘scare’ white voters.” Technically, the site is titled, but certainly the people who own the domain name (who don’t seem to be officially affiliated with the McCain camp) must know that the majority (um, entirety) of their traffic comes from people — like me! — looking for the latest juicy gossip on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I guess their hope is that they’ll find an audience in that segment of the population that’ll hear what they have to say and vote accordingly. We wonder, however, if notoriously liberal Us Weekly and Rolling Stone (which put Obama on the cover twice this year) owner, Jann Wenner, is aware of the conservatives squatting on his magazine’s “true” domain name. We smell a case of copyright infringement!