If Men Can Write-Off NFL Tickets, Women Should Be Allowed To Write-Off Shoe Shopping

Men have long written-off tickets to professional sports events and rounds of golf as business expenses, because, people have said, it’s important to develop relationships outside the office so clients and colleagues will be more comfortable and willing to actually do business with you. If you’re a woman in business who doesn’t golf or enjoy watching men pummel each other, you’re kind of out of luck, aren’t you? If you do business with other women, maybe not. An article from New Jersey’s Star-Ledger suggests that maybe women should be allowed to write-off outings that help them forge relationships, like the Macy’s shoe department. Unfortunately the IRS doesn’t like it when you deduct any business meeting where there are “substantial distractions,” but we’re hoping they come to their senses and realize that important deals can go down in places wherever females can bond, even if there are fabulous Jimmy Choos present. These should include but not be limited to:

1) shopping trips
2) manicures, pedicures, and other spa treatments
3) Broadway musicals
4) weekends at the beach
5) cooking classes

Now, we don’t mean to say that a woman’s place is in the massaging pedicure chair, just that these should be included in addition to the others.