He Says/She Says: M83’s “Kim and Jessie”

French band M83 sounds kind of ’80s, which is what summertime should sound like, in my opinion. I had Nathan take a listen to their synthy song “Kim and Jessie.” Too bad neither of us can roller-skate, otherwise, we’d totally replay this video over and over and over and over and over until we learned all of the skater girls’ moves. We’d obviously have to wear matching outfits, too.

Catherine: So, we are in the ’80s, undressing.
Nathan: Wait, is this porn?C: No, they’re getting ready to skate.
N: Oh.
C: Can you roller-skate?
N: I can’t even do the little wheels on the back of kids shoes. I bust my ass.
C: I never learned. But we had to go to the skating rink for gym class in middle school, so my mom took me there beforehand to practice. I was still the worst.
N: Are the girls in yellow drag queens? “We gonna skate circles around you!”
C: Ha. I kind of want to learn their moves, minus the skates. Are they supposed to look older than the pink girls? Or manlier? Or like better skaters?
N: Manlier, or at least that’s how it looks. This is making me dizzy. Whoa. I would die on that road.
C: They were wearing helmets though. Safety first!
N: Oh, this gives me anxiety. This is good “bopping around the apartment” music, maybe while you are cleaning. Makes me want to dance a little.
C: It makes me want to drive around in a convertible on a not-too-hot summer day.
N: Yes. Driving music for sure. Was that a girl-girl kiss?
C: No, that was a guy with long hair.
N: Oh, right. They’re all very American Apparel.
C: American Apparel sells a dress that looks like a skating outfit. It’s even made out of that shiny Lycra material.