Debate This: Is The Recession Ruining Your Sex Life?

According to the Chicago Sun Times, more women are applying to donate their eggs and act as surrogates as the economy worsens. This got me thinking about the other ways in which the poor economy — including skyrocketing gas prices, increased unemployment, and the mortgage crisis — are affecting the sex and love lives of women. Personally speaking, the poor economy has taken a negative toll on the real estate market — and since the man-friend and I are looking to move, aren’t finding much in our budget and are getting stressed as a result, romance has taken a little beating as well. After the jump, a list of how the recession is both hurting AND improving some women’s sex and love lives.IMPROVING
1. Getting Creative: Not being able to afford dinner at a five-star restaurant or a romantic getaway may suck, but it also forces you to get inventive. “My man and I are more creative about what we do…less going to big dinners just for the heck of it and more hanging out in the park. We do silly things now too, like at home beer tastings. We looked at all of the things we enjoyed doing before that were expensive and we’ve been more creative about less expensive ways to do these things with friends in other ways.” — Kim
2. Increased Intimacy: Working through problems together can be a great thing for the relationship. “Talking about money increases intimacy — I know more about my man and vice versa than I probably would have otherwise.” — Jenny
3. Eating Out Less Equals A Sexier Physique: We stay home more and cook more, which we love doing. So, it’s quality time, we’re not tired in a loud restaurant late on a Friday. We’re also losing belly fat from eating better.” — Deanna

1. Dwindling Date Nights: “If we weren’t all so concerned with conserving money, more guys would ask me out on dates (because they’d be able to afford paying for an extra drink). And if I were getting asked out more, my chances of actually having sex would be much improved.” — Kelly
2. Lazy Leisure Activities Depleted: “The downside is I stopped my premium cable services — Showtime and HBO — which are our main areas of TV overlap. Now I go into the other room to watch CNN while Spike is playing in the den. I’m going to start my premium again.” — Abigail
3. Carpooling: Good for the environment, sure. But all that togetherness is bad for couples who need a little space. “I swear to God, if I have to listen to the Allman Brothers on the way to work with my boyfriend, I am going to kill him.” — Katy
4. Stress Giving You Low Libido: Think you’re gonna get sacked or just been sacked? Stress totally makes your mojo go south. “I lost my job in May and haven’t been that interested in sex because I have been so worried about finding another gig. I’m also super worried about my finances and it’s not making me feel so sexy. The BF is starting to lose patience.” — Maria

What about you, Frisky readers?