Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t a 3G iPhone or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like some sweet gear by designer Jon Wye! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

Gear: Jon Wye
Wye makes tees brandishing fighting roosters and karate-ers, belt buckles both traditional and rocking buttered waffles, and leather belts ranging from the graffiti-spattered “Colonize”, to the racing-striped “Speed Racer”, to the brown “Sexual Chocolate”. []

Services: SlyDial
Dial Sly’s number plus the digits you want to reach, put up with some quick ads (or shell out 15¢ to skip ‘em), and Sly’ll put you right through to anyone’s voicemail without their phone ever ringing — perfect for reading scripted messages to chicks, making contact while quashing convos with lengthy chatterers, and convincing prideful hotshots that their new iPhones are busted. []

Tastebud Confusers: Miracle Fruit Tablets
These tabs deliver the same taste-altering properties as from-the-wild Miracle Fruit, tricking your tongue into tasting sour foods as sweet. Unlike the 20-to-30-minute-lasting, highly perishable berries, these guys last for two hours, and keep for up to six months — by which your nightly dessert of lemons will have worn your tongue down to a shriveled nub. []

Eats: Direct Designs Space Grill
This they-thought-of-it-all charcoal cooker features two (one large, one smaller) height-adjustable, swing-out (for easy charcoal reloads) stainless-steel grills, an attached chopping board, and hooks for hanging BBQ tools — though none’ll be large enough to support that jerk who’s always telling you to flip the steaks. []

Stats: Global Rich List
Pop in your salary and you’ll find out your exact position in worldwide wealth — the financial equivalent of asking your girlfriend how you compare to that basketball team she used to date. []

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