This Week On The Frisky: Bed Death, Prostitution, Tie-Dye, Christian The Lion, & Lots Of Self-Love

The Frisky | August 1, 2008 - 8:00 pm
  • We discussed whether skid marks and king-size beds are signs of relationship doom.
  • Amelia debated the pros and cons of legalization and decriminalization of sex work and decided that, in the end, prostitutes are people too and deserve the same rights and access to safety as any other ho.
  • Elle wants to know whether couples should live together before marriage. Amelia says, “Yes, duh.” Our “Mind Of Man” columnist says, “No way.” Throw down in the forums.
  • Our Emily explored the sexy side of the Twin Cities.
  • We challenged to a Boot Knockin’ Mixtape contest and we (maybe) won!
  • Susannah Breslin revealed Hollywood Stars’ Secret Porn Star Pasts!
  • Reader par3 wants to know how you should reveal your sex partner number to your new squeeze.
  • Catherine got her tie-dye on.
  • Judy McGuire revealed how not to get caught cheating.
  • Do all women go for self-deprecating men or just Simcha?
  • Everyone with a heart teared up over Christian The Lion.
  • The Guys On Our IM revealed their thoughts on dating types and masturbation.
  • Intern Annika wondered how breasts affect a young star’s career.
  • And we shamelessly ogled Jason Statham, Q-Tip, James Franco, and Carlos Sastre.