Forget Below-The-Belt Surgery: Love Your Lady Flower!

Ladies, it’s time we start embracing our vaginas and stop letting money hungry clinics, offering vaginal cosmetic surgery, dictate what makes a beautiful vajayjay. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently warned that the trend of “designer vaginas” may be exploiting vulnerable women. Women in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the U.S. have been trekking to these vagina spas to have vaginal rejuvenation, re-virgination, designer vaginoplasty and G-spot amplification. But the college said these procedures lack scientific backing and are dangerous and expensive–one procedure can cost as much as $9,500. The surgeries can also do more harm than good. “The real risks of potential complications such as scarring, permanent disfigurement, infection, dyspareunia and altered sexual sensations should be discussed in detail with women seeking such treatments,” the college said.

We women need to realize that our genitalia has variations, just as we accept that we come in different body types. We should also recognize that these clinicians prey on vulnerable women with fears and insecurities that should be treated psychologically. I, for one, would rather a dark, slightly slack vag than a permanently disfigured one that makes sex painful. And you know what? I don’t remember sex being all that pleasurable in the first few minutes, so why would I want to go through that again? Oh yeah, because it’s a man’s world.