Ask Men Survey Reveals Men Are Lonely, Depressed, & Into Euro Fashion conducted a survey of their users, the results of which are THE MOST CONCLUSIVE FINDINGS ON THE HETEROSEXUAL MAN EVER RELEASED. Well, maybe not quite, but I did learn a couple things about the lesser other sex that surprised me.

  • They Are Liars About Drinking: According to the survey, the majority of men polled (35%) only consume one to three alcoholic drinks a week. Yeah. Right.
  • They Admire That Euro-Trash Look: A whopping 39% of men think that Italy has the best-dressed men. Maybe the medge will be popular after all….
  • They’re Cry Babies: Thirty-five percent have cried during a movie or TV show but managed to conceal it, while 31% think it’s perfectly acceptable to weep over the death of a loved one. Softies!
  • They’re Not Getting Laid: The majority of those surveyed (37%) have sex less than once a month. That explains why they have time to take this survey I guess.
  • …But They’re Not Happy About It: Sixty-eight percent think that a healthy sex life consists of sex more than twice a week. Got a lot of catching up to do fellas. Better put your Away Message up on IM!
  • …Yet They’re Probably Going To Have To Wait Until They Get A Long-Term Sexual Partner: Because 44% (that’s the majority, folks) have never had a one-night-stand.