The Pill’s Five Forms Of Kryptonite

The Pill is a miracle. It’s 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, which is almost as good as you’re gonna get from abstinence. We said almost. While 12 million American women rely on the oral contraceptive to stop them from going prematurely preggos (Ashlee Simpson must not have gotten the memo), it’s unfortunately not indomitable. There are still five ways you can get pregnant while pill popping. Have your cervix take notes.

1. Alcohol: Since spirits lodge themselves in your liver, just like the pill, binge-drinking affects the way the medication is metabolized there.2. Time Warp: You must take the pill at the same time everyday, otherwise it takes your estrogen levels on a rollercoaster ride. [Ruh-roh. — Editor] It’s the control of those levels that stop you from becoming a mommy.

3. Skippity-Doo-Da: If you forget to take the pill one day, make sure you double up the next. If there’s any random bleeding involved, be sure to still use a condom.

4. Mixing Meds: While most pills are like Liz Claiborne’s collection (mix-and-match!) antibiotics and seizure meds actually render the pill powerless. Beware! If you’re still feeling frisky when you’re sickly, use a condom.

5. Cheapin’ Out: Generic pills often contain lower doses than their full-price counterparts. Shell out, or have your insurance shell out, for the good stuff. Isn’t it unfair how guys get away easy by just buying dinner? This is why birth control should maybe be a shared expense.

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