Thongs For Abstinence Or Marketing

We’ve seen abstinence-promoting promise rings, bracelets and even sweats. Now, your underwear, specifically your thong, can announce your commitment to abstinence with slogans like, “Earn your right to wear white. Abstain”, “Iron Hymen“, and “Beat It,” complete with a finger-pointing Jesus. I have nothing against choosing to abstain from sex, but at more than $8 a pop I think these cotton thongs are nothing more than a marketing ploy. As we know, thongs are meant to prevent panty lines under form-fitting clothes, but isn’t showing off your body counterproductive to the abstinence movement? Which got me thinking…These thongs could quite possibly be a kind of chastity belt. Although, I seriously doubt that if things got so hot and heavy a little slogan would stop your partner from removing your panties. A firm “No” from you should suffice, instead. Or, these thongs could be the latest tongue-in-cheek fashion. Either way, I would love to wear the “Sorry to say this, but…it’s observation status only, boys!” thong as weird foreplay, or any of these thongs would be perfect for a naughty schoolgirl fantasy.