Why Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy’s Marriage Will Work

The September issue of Vanity Fair features French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy on the cover, looking as effortlessly glamourous as ever wearing a classic white collared shirt, jodhpurs, and leather riding boots. Writer Maureen Orth spoke with Carla, and also met President Nicolas Sarkosy (who told her, “I am happy like nev-air.”), and the first lady seems absolutely charming. While some may think their whirlwind, three-month romance was too rushed and the relationship couldn’t possibly last (she didn’t even vote for him in the last election), we think it just might work, and here’s why.
Shortly after Carla and Nicolas started dating, Carla gathered up all of the nude shots from her modeling days and showed Nicolas, preparing him for the possibility of them coming out in the press. She says that Nicolas responded by saying, “Oh, I like this one! Can I have a print of it?’ ”

Carla wants to be open with Nicolas about her past, including her many famous lovers, and Nicolas seems to have a sense of humor about all of it, which bodes well for their relationship. That and the fact that Carla has gotten Nicolas to stop wearing a gaudy Rolex watch and ill-fitting jeans. [Vanity Fair]