Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of July 29th 2008


  • Annie “I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me”
    Annie, who is known for disco as delicious as the pop of Chewing Gum, has a new single out. Now normally we reserve a sweet spot in sweet release for full-on records, but this Berliners track record is so strong, we couldn’t resist. So get to steppin’ with Annie’s new single: “I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me”. But seriously, how could anyone not like her?!
  • Rick Springfield Venus In Overdrive
    Rick Springfield, who used to make us swoon in the 80’s (and is now almost 60?!), has a new pop-rock album out: Venus In Overdrive. If you still wish you were Jessie’s girl, Rick has made you another lovesick record.
  • Alice Cooper Along Came A Spider
    The glam master of fright has released another insane fantasy album, Along Came A Spider. Oddly enough the scary stalker lyrics still make Alice Cooper loveable. He’s just about the only 60-year-old slasher that can rock make-up as high concept as his records.
  • Sonic Youth SYR8: Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth
    Noise experimentalists Sonic Youth have self-released more live show rarities in their SYR series. The 8th EP installment was recorded at the 2005 Rokslide Festival, where they played with their old bandmate from Silence, Mats Gutafsson, and avant garde guru Merzbow. While the sound maybe subtle, the genius of Sonic Youth is always obvious.


  • Shine A Light
    The man who brought you The Band’s Last Waltz, has shined a light on the rockin’ Rolling Stones. Taped over two recent concerts at the Beacon Theater in NYC, it’s Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Chuck strutting and strumming for Martin Scorsese.
  • Harold and Kumar 2: Escape From Guantanamo Bay
    Double-trouble dudes Harold and Kumar have released their second hilarious hit on DVD. And a third movie is already in the works for the nuevo Cheech and Chong!
  • The Hills: Season 3
    If you don’t read blogs and have no idea WTF Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge, and Heidi Montag have been up to, now you can waste not just time, but money, on their third season DVD. Or, to get the OG Bev Hills brood, see the next entry.
  • Beverly Hill 90210: Season 5
    The crew is all grownup and in college. While a new version of the series is set to costar Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling, here’s your chance to really flash back to ’90’s fashion. And it takes is this disc to capture all the slip dresses and pompadours.