Men Say They Prefer A Girl With Curves

More than wanting a girl whose body is teeny-tiny, guys wish we’d just be happy with what we’ve got. A study by the U.K.’s Fabulous Mag found that men prefer curvy, size 12 women best and wouldn’t want to change anything about their partner’s appearance. Women, on the other hand, said they wished they were smaller, like a size 8. It’s really sweet that the guys don’t want their girlfriends to go on a diet, but do they even understand women’s sizes? One of my guy friends didn’t even know we have random number sizes (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) instead of measurement-based ones (waist 30, length 34) for most of our clothes. Even so, this just shows that we are way harder on ourselves than we are when we judge others. [Fabulous Mag]