The Five Quickies You Must Try

Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! Sometimes sex is best when its quick, because lord knows we’ve got things to do besides you. Sex can be short and sweet when you’re on-the-go, so long as you are set up for a rip roaring time. But where and how can you get a Big O swifter than a Big Mac?

Don’t Change That Dial Accost him when the TV show he’s watching hits commercial, and challenge him to get off before the break ends.

Call in for Delivery Afternoon delights turn lunchtime into dessert. Set up an impromptu meeting to take advantage of your man and your mid-day break.

Backseat Driver Pull over somewhere discreet then shift him into high gear.

Kick it in the Closet Grab him, shut the door, and hang on! The dark and private space has a bar to grab for balance and is fun for a sneaky close encounter.

Bathroom Break Sure it’s a little George Michael, but if you’re out and about you can still get down on it. The danger will make it exciting, just be sure it’s somewhere that won’t get you arrested, like a nightclub or a wedding.