Miley Cyrus, Condom Spokesperson?

LifeStyles Condoms is offering Miley Cyrus $1 million and a lifetime supply of condoms to be the company’s spokesperson. According to a press release, LifeStyles supports Miley’s decision to remain a virgin until she’s married and doesn’t want her to become another Jamie Lynn Spears. “With teenage pregnancy running rampant throughout the U.S., LifeStyles Condoms wants to ensure that Miley Cyrus and her legions of loyal fans don’t become just more statistics,” the release states. The lifetime supply of condoms comes in only after Miley decides the time is right to lose her v-card, so she wouldn’t actually be promoting how great the condoms are, since she wouldn’t know with her lack of experience. Sure, $1 million probably isn’t much for a girl on the Forbes’ list of the 20 highest-paid celebs under 25, but this could be the perfect way for Miley to be provocative (and get loads of dirty, older fans) while remaining chaste, though we doubt Billy Ray’ll let her do it.