Heath Ledger’s Baby Mama Is Dating Spike Jonze

Michelle Williams has been struggling to remain strong for daughter Matilda after Heath Ledger’s death in January. But now, she seems to have found some happiness with director Spike Jonze. “Michelle kissed Spike with a closed mouth on the corner of his lips,” says an eyewitness to who saw the couple leaving Jonze’s Manhattan apartment. “There was definitely a little bit of caressing going on. She was clutching his arm. The body language was very romantic.” This relationship couldn’t have come at a better time. Since all The Dark Knight furor began months ago, I’m sure Michelle has had a difficult time seeing Ledger’s The Joker ads everywhere. Seeing the heartbreak on Williams’ face after Ledger’s death was…well, heartbreaking. I hope this works out for Williams and Jonze, who once dated Drew Barrymore and was married to Sofia Coppola. And even if this doesn’t lead to happily-ever-after, they should at least have some fun. But I have to issue this warning to Jonze: Don’t break her heart. She’s been through enough. [And we will kick your ass. — Editor] [Star]